Mad Cornish Pair deep in planing

hello! what do you mean who! it’s us, we still around working harder than ever, just started planning for our showcase & exhibition that are taking place next year, also busy getting ready for christmas you know how it is, great news with the calendar’s allready built one, if that the right teminology, called it visions of Cornwall, miss it at your peril, out taking photo’s & boot Sale on sunday, hoping we gonna make a buck or two what with the c word coming up, our new years resolution is to make the break from the day job next year, so we ARE going to achieve that, but not forgetting that taking photo’s is what we enjoy, been experimenting with still life & we have a new series, the Elliot series, the roses picture was a result of me asking Sue to marry me, no not still wating for an answer she said yes (Fool) does she know what she is letting herself in for!!!!!!!!!!!, set a conundrum in our last journal, when we have a problem we say it’s not Rocket Science, know where I am going with this one, so if a rocket scientist has a problem it’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! quantum physics of course, any rocket scientist’s out there who can confirm this, anyway enough ramblings for now catch up with you soon as take care & happy bubbling

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

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