Ramblings of the mad cornish pair

Hi There, Paul & Sue from imageworld here again, both been doing stuff!! mainly day job & going out without the Camera! (Daft or What) thank you to imogen munday for her comment on our first journal, Sue wrote, this one a joint efort!, those of you that know of Cornwall, should know how damp it can be from time to time!, Lundy Island just off the coast was a picture with the sunset! (Guess What) No Camera, think we would learn, shooting clovelly tommorow quiant Devon fishing village, hoping to have a few shots worth sharing with you at red bubble, wish we had found earlier a great site for stunning photos, would like to know if we are on the right track with our photos, comments always welcome on our photos, waiting for a horray!, had a great idea for the competiton unleashed, will share with you when done,

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