Mad Cornish Pair Reflect

O.K. nope that’s how we start all our journal’s, how about hi there, or well given up with that idea, time for reflection today, Remeberance Day parade today, so had to don my number 1’s & stand around in the cold for 1 hour itching my gonad’s off while sue get’s the good job off taking the photo’s, lot’s of pictures of me! it’s a Sue thing!, whilst stood around thinking it doe’s make you think about how other people gave up the lot for us! so that we can live how we want to & express ourselves in whichever way we desire to! wether it be through taking pictures,writing,painting or poem’s, we can, I have lost 2 friends in the military, & altough they were not killed in action they were killed in flying accidents whilst training so I have those I remember, so it’s wortwhile me putting myself out there once a year to say thank you to those who have fallen for our today’s

Paul,Sue & tiggs

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