Mad Cornish Pair get excited

o.k. you may well ask what has us so excited that we have to write a journal about it? well it isn’t the fact that we downloaded norton antivirus software & now find that we have to start our computer 25 mins before we need to use it! any one else find that? nothing to do with that, it’s the fact the Vulcan has taken to the skies again, watch out for photo’s of that beast next year, awesome craft, also the fact that we are selling from galleries now helps us finding the right way forward & to be fair it ain’t boot sales though we shall keep doing them, me & Sue actually enjoy going out & meeting people in that envoirement, so this winters tasks are! building our own website, plan an exhibition of our work for next year ne ideas you may have will be well recieved & paid attention to, half term over here yes I know hard to believe that the children only went back to school like 3 – 4 weeks ago any way happy bubbling journal you soon

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