mad cornish pair in the dark

O.K. all you bubblers firstly me been off sick from the day job, been layed low with the flu, been reading when I can on photography & spending time on thinking how to take our dreams a step closer to reality, alway’s a hard one that, especially seing as the nights are pulling in fast now, answer? take a big light with us!, now that would work? how much candle power does the sun produce? answers in the forums please, or you can bubblemail me! sue getting bigger by the day, we heard the babies heart beat last tuesday, reality check for a second (Scary) hopefully be a good dad but it does make you think, photo shoot’s planned soon are a series on Castles, & me gonna look at portrait work soon in about 23 weeks you should see lots of baby photos appearing, Ahh, anyway feeling drained again off to me sick bed, must put a laptop down as my xmas present could keep up with you bubbers then

Bubble bubble

Paul,Sue & tiggs

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