Mad Cornish Pair Ramblings continue

hey bubblers out there in bubbleland, ok here goes umm, know what I was going to mention Bot Sales in Siberia! probaly alot warmer than boot sales here in good old blighty, sat on a cricket pitch freezing my ******* off Sue home warm in bed, well bless her couldn’t send her out in her condition that early in the morning, anyway where was I ? pretty cold, sat on a cricket pitch in the name of selling our Art, trying to remind myself that our art is good, sold two prints in the end in 2 hours so that not a bad return for 2 hours work & with the sleepy sue in tow went off to the other boot sale (yes mad enough to do 2), what I am trying to say is we have started planning for next year, want to get our website up & running during the winter, don’t worry all you bubblers will have a link to our website for all you bubblers to keep in touch with us, but will stil be using redbubble anyway, going all out to try & push for gallery’s while we waiting to own our own! all ready decided we will have a posh Coffee shop attached to it, will need something else to run alongside it to help keep it afloat, if you have any suggestions would be interested to hear them?, already planning our xmas pic’s they should be along soon so stay tuned, nehoo that’s about it for now & remember if you are doing Boot sales in Enland in October! wear thermals!

Paul,Sue & tiggs

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