Mad Cornish Pair the Adventure continuth

hey Bubblers, it’sssssssssssssssss us! bet you missed us, nehoo back from today’s boot sale, any body know where we can pick up a few more car boot’s to sell!, only joking, looks like the outdoor booty is drawing to an end over here for another year, time to bring on the indoor booty!, maybe we should consider upgrading to Craft Fair’s? talking of which, we were invited to attend one in November, cool eh!, so we gonna raise the ante on them as well, doing loads of pictures for the papers, one of the boot sales we attend does them just for charity, he up to 8,000 this year so well done Chris, sure he won’t mind a mention, been asked to equip a new venture in Bude with a complete art package for their walls so we getting excited about the way things are going over here! more new pictures in the offing they will be with you soon, so stay tuned for them, will be developing our new series soon so stay tuned for that aussi (that’s French), just like to thank all you Bubblers for your comments on our work in the last couple of day’s, anyway I am back to the day job tommorrow, so am off to bed have to be up at 4 night night

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

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