Famous Mad Cornish Pair

OK so your asking yourselves havn’t heard of them so how can they be Famous allready? well we not yet, but it caught your attention didn’t it!, & no Sue hasn’t been out robbing banks to support the business, & we havn’t yet been linked to the Lord Lucan Scandal & we didn’t sink the Titanic! we have however made it in to 2 gallery’s today, impressive eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, yes we are hoping someone will buy one from them soon, sure they will, anyway we reckon we on the first step of the ladder to becoming famous!!!!!!, but like most famous artists we hope it’s before we die.
been doing some research on mounting board & we need to know is all mounting board acid free? or do you have to ask for it specifically? many thanks to one of the Gallerys who gave us some good ideas on different size options for our prints anyway bubblers thanks for letting us bend your ears, you are all invited to our Paris Gallery opening, coming sometime soon?,

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

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