Mad Cornish Pair On Holiday

hey bubblers, some time since me wrote a journal, on holiday this week, so me got time, did you miss us while we were away? things that been happening, apart from being featured in the North Devon Journal, being accepted at the Brasserie which get thier first 6 pictures tommorrow exciting to see how quickly they will sell? & also seeing another gallery tommorrow we been busy, you know how it is, the mobile art gallery has been mothballed for the winter months, don’t want to invent gazebo surfing as the next etreme sport, wouldn’t do Sue’s nerves any good at the moment, planning a photo shoot somtime this week so stay tuned for some more shot’s coming your way, been a while since we uploaded our work, so just letting you know we still here over in Cornwall & tying down the hatches for the autumnal storms which will be coming our way shortly, should be good for a phto or two, anyhow bubblers kep bubbling & snap you later

Paul,Sue & tiggs

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