Mad Cornish Pair become 1

yep we finally did the deed we got married last friday, yes to each other, had a great day, pictures will be released by us tommorrow, not for sale just to share with our friends then they will be deleted after 2 weeks, have to thank my dad for the photos hard to capture yourself on film, anyway then it’s back to driving imageworld forward to global domination, had a real busy year but we achieved most things we set out to do, 2 Exhibitions,Thomas arriving getting married & on top of all that we are not finshed yet, took a break from the boot sales today honeymoon you know but we have looming big in the window Boscastle craft fair for a weekend then the push for more sales & Christmas so we happy that we achieved what we have done this year so far, remember exclusive pictures here on our bubble tommorrow

Paul,Sue,Thomas & Tiggs

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