Mad Cornish Pair comment on Diversity

Hey Bubblers: I attended & joined a Camera Club tonight, & was amazed at the diversity of the people who attended: from all walks of life, the elderly & a lovely old Character whom is a youthful 94! 20 of us sat at a table talking photography, judged a competiton of Country Life, some awsome entries in amongst them all, was it withering moon wrote & asked should I take a photographic course, I think you should BUT! you could do worse than join your local camera club, full of friendly people whom are more than willing to impart thier knowledge to you, what I have had tonight is a fun cheap night! I shall be going again next month just to enjoy what knowledge I can gain from this community, next months topic is an introduction to photoshop can’t wait, defionition of A proffesional photographer? some 1 who has won a competition!!!!!!!!!

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