Mad Cornish Pair on a high

What we do for Art! we get up early on our day’s off, we fret alot about how our work is percieved by the general public & all you bubblers as well! thanks for all your comments on our pictures, we did well at the boot sale today attracting lot’s of viewings & sales, it’s becoming clear that our new stock is out performing our old stock, though we did sell one of the old stock today!, results of the marketing test we carried out……………………….. we sell the same wtih or without the gazebo(Sorry Mobile Art Gallery) so it has to be said that the gazebo option is just a classier display! so anyway to windy to put up today, we would of invented a new extreme sport today if we had tried! gazebo flying, yes was really that bad over here today, got an excitng shooting day on Wednesday planned will let you see the results on wednesday night, another point we have been trying out, is do more women buy art than men? not if you put the right pictures out, had loads of men stopping to view pictures today which kinda of suprised us! off to camera Club tommorow will let you know what happens tommorow night,

Goodnight bubblers

Paul,Sue & tiggs

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