Mad Cornish Pair Trim crazy

Hello, thought you had lost us, no we still here, still bubbling away spreading the word of bubble & imageworld, came back from the boot sales today having done well there & spread the word, just finshed decorating & we are out taking pictures again which after all is why we are here, hoping to get down to Culdrose this wednesday to take some piocs hopefully will be a good day, then we get ready to marry on September the 12th, big day coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Thomas still growing & breaking the records now up to 17lb & 4 0z’s not bad for 19 weeks old some more pictures coming up of him, the point of this journal way lost now, ahh that where we were going trim our porfolio, from now on we are going to use it as a showcase for pictures that are only for sale will still upload pictures that are not but will remove them the next day, hoping to design our own website soon that is this years big challenge aparty from gettin married of course

Happy Bubbling out there hope you all remember us

Paul,Sue,Thomas & Tiggs

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