Mad Cornish Pair Sun Burnt

O.K. so what’s factor 13? if we find out can we tell Sue! also a hundred or more Holidaymakers whom we encountered today on our travels around the boot sales today & who will be suffering tommorow! had a good day on sales today & we ran a marketing experiment? did we sell more with the gazebo! (Sorry Mobile Art Gallery) or did we sell less? the Answer? we sold more or less the same, but the gazebo encounterd less people stopping to look! did this affect sale’s? spent a bit of time with iammeasiam going through his laptop setting him up on the bubble & he has some excellent photo’s you must view!, anyway we had a stonking day we still get the buzz from doing boot sales big time, also been asked to take a photo for the local paper for the boot sale man! yep! we going global, seem’s he run’s them as a charity for the local church, this year they made 200 squid for the charity so well done boot sale man, & yes I know you all dying to know about the burger man? he still there cooking his burgers, well done him thought he would of blown up a long time ago, just one other thing before we go, just to show you how commited we are to the cause of THE BUBBLE, we got a clock to show bubble time!!!!!!!!! how commited is that! umm can we have a check on bubble time please? any one got a watch out there down under!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Bubbling

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

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