Mad Cornish Pair Add New Line

well, we finally have completed the next new string to our bow, you may think we mad to have taken the time we have to complete this task but all the pieces had to be right, talking panoramic shots, had the first 1 printed today measures 6 inches deep by 2 foot long, looks stunning to say the least, the panoramic barrel rock is next for the treatment, got more new stuff in the pipeline so stay tuned, it might take a while what with juggling the day job & all that so please be patient! going to launch the new line at Sunday’s boot sale, we also had the small business man in to help us carve our way forward to running our own Gallery, no new pictures to share with you at the moment but they will follow soon just need some time to go out & shoot some more, was going this week but Sue not been the best this week so we stayed at home during our day off, & it’s coming to the end of the schol holiday’s over here which means we will be driven indoors for the boot sales but that might be good, our prints won’t blow over, & we can pack the mobile art gallery away for the winter,

See you soon bubblers

Paul, Sue & tiggs

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