Mad Cornish Pair Finish!!!!!!!!!

No don’t Panic, it’s not a case of Divorce before we married!, no we finished our Exhibition today, many thanks to those from the bubble community that came & saw! & a big thanks to pete who helped us hang the panoramas, well all done & dusted we managed to sell 4 pieces of art work, Storm at St. Agnes-Mists of Time-Waiting for the Tide & Black Rock at Sunset!, also been out booting today! day job beckons tommorrow though by this time next year we will be millionares! as qouted by the famous Del Boy Trotter, we will I am sure, where do we go from here, we have another Exhibitionstarting in june at the Dellamore Art Gallery in Cornwood Ivybridge & our showcase which happens no May the 30th all this & bringing a son up how brave are we! a big hi to john saw him today havn’t seen in a while good to see you again anyway happy bubbling, have to go & bring back some pictures

Paul,Sue,Thomas & Tiggs

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