mad cornish pair pose question

please please please, can anyone out there in redbubble land tell us over here in Cornwall what computer programme you use to turn lots of little pictures in top a mosaic? seen it done with A vw camper van & it looked awesome! I mean we can have a go & try to paste lots of little pictures in to a mosaic but it might take an eternity!, so is there a programme out there that does this chore for you, ne hoo off booting tommorow & another exciting prospect for us over here is we have been accepted in to a licensed restaurant come art gallery cool eh! just in the process of putting together a presentation pack for them, also working on a few new lines to present in to our mobile gallery, which is still going strong despite the efforts of the wind to blow it away anhoo got lots of exciting stuff coming your way in bubble land & we still taking photo’s galore just been editing away her tonight

Good night bubble

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

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