mad cornish pair impressed.

Congratulations Redbubble!
mucho impresso!, & we over here in Cornwall thought it couldn’t get any better, the community page looks awesome & the information we get with our art now tells us everything we need to know about how our art is doing,
and now we write blogs…..brilliant!
Weve been busy on the art front, soon to be selling at a local licensced restaurant. Weve been mulling over whether to have a sale on our prints, you heard correct, a sale! despite our prints selling well we have some phoneminal new prints to introduce to our portpholio which are by far superior than most we have for sale at mo!
Watch out bubblers we have print of the century to download (well, Paul thinks so!)
It really is a one off shot, watch this space!?

goodnight bubblers

Paul,Sue, & Tiggs

P.S. the halina camera we bought for 2 pounds, got it working we think? any body know how it works, it’s a halina 35X got a black & white film in it at the moment & we could do with some help bubblers

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