Mad Cornish Pair Have to Rethink

O.K. so settling down into fatherhood & making the most of my time off with little one & Sue, we are planning our shoots & aiming to increase our portfolio of shots this year, so going out on a photo shoot with little one easy or what I mean what possible difference could a young person make to going out & taking photo’s! well we found out! yep you guessed it! lots of difference, first of al there is the nappy issue, how many do you take! yep just about a bagful gonna have to get shares in pampers! then there is the bag of babygrows & hats & mittens & cardi’s, then you have to support this with a travel system, that’s a buggy,car seat,rain cape,sun umbrella or parasol, cosytoes etc! o.k. you packed all that what else do you need, Camera that would be a good idea, & tripod, yep that all packed, so we went took photo’s coped with all & everything, then we realised ahh you thought I was going to say baby no we packed him as well, the inherent mistake was noo food or drinks for us!!!!!!!!!!, sat halfway between beaches that’s about 3 miles & we have nothing, I mean not even a packet of crisps to digest we found a gum sweet be we realised that had been in the car for a good two weeks! but anyway we had fun & took some good photo’s for the collection, little slept through the lot boy did we pay for that later

Happy Bubbling

Paul,Sue,Thomas & Tiggs

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