Mad Cornish Pair A year on

to our followers of which we know there are many!!!!!! we! or rather I, am 1 year older tommorow or rather today! depending on where you reding this from, look it’s the 8th o.k. enough of self praise, found myself looking back over the past year & wondering what Sue & I have achieved in the last 6 months, both keen photographers we decided in January to try & change our proffessions, so we ventured out there armed with a 10 year old Olympus Compact which was only packing 1.8 million pixels, a desire to produce top quality prints that were affordable to the general public, & the keyword had to be Quality, if it wasn’t for Sue, we wouldn’t have come up with the means to be able to cut or mounts, stick them down proffesionally, I mean can you believe we started by using pritt Stick!!!!!! only joking (or are we?), thank heavens for spray mount!, then there was the display option, started with 2 wodden tables in a Cattle Market! hell have we come on since then, now we the proud owners of a mobile gallery the prints don’t blow of the table with the first gust of wind anymore & they don’t get wet! Sue & I are proud of what we have achieved in these 6 months & tommorow we start the next year hoping that we make it to where we want to go our own shop or even Gallery, any one out there thinking it can’t be done it CAN! a big thanks to redbubble for your terrific site which we believe has helped us on our way

Paul, Sue & Tiggs

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