*Lara Food & Wine Festival 2012*

I headed off to the Lara Food & Wine Festival on Sunday 25/03/12 with cameras in hand.
The following is a small account of the day.


2. There were around 6000 people there, no, they are not ALL in this shot obviously!

3. Celebrity Food Critic! Matt Preston was there giving his views on some of our local chefs. (He could have looked a tad more impressed!)

4. So was Paula Kontejl from Bay FM

5. There were young people enjoying icecream

6. Older people enjoying the show.

7. And firemen just having a good day

8. Pretty girls painting childrens faces

9. Wonderful friends just having a good time

10. Bees just buzzing around.

11. Loads of coloured chilies

12. And plenty of nice hot regular ones just waiting to be cooked. ( I got some of those!)

13. Something sweet to tempt the tastebuds.

14. And yummy paella for those of us that were a little hungrier.

15. For those of us that might not be symmetrical.

16. There were seeds that were obviously in pain

17. And ducks that probably were!

18. Our wonderful waitress from Gourmet India, here in Lara. (Near Town & Country Pizza, where the Bendigo Bank ATM is,, you have to go there! The Paneer 65 is THE BEST!

19. But when it was all finished, the day was sealed with a kiss!

If you have not been to the Lara Food & Wine Festival before, please, put it in your diaries for next year. It is a wonderful day out, and just a gold coin donation to get in!

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