Glenna Walker

Murchison, United States

Glenna Walker of Krue Photography is an on-location, natural light photographer in Murchison,TX/Tyler/Athens (East Texas) and surrounding...

Hurricane Ike!!!

Been watching the hurricane all day. My family will probably be fine, I hope. We are supposed to receive at least 50mph winds and possibly higher, that kind of scares me just a bit, and tornadoes. Rain may be between 3-6" and will probably be tomorrow morning early when we start feeling the effects of it. We are about 30 minutes south of Dallas along I-35, they originally had said it would take this track, now they are saying I-45. Our gas prices have gone up more than .50 cents a gallon just in the past few hours, unbelievable. I am mainly concerned for the people in Galveston and Houston. I hope it’s not worse than predicted. They are in my prayers, please keep them in yours. – Glenna

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