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Glenna Walker of Krue Photography is an on-location, natural light photographer in Murchison,TX/Tyler/Athens (East Texas) and surrounding...

There's a first time for everything...all in fun

I’ve had my first photo removed from a challenge. Said it wasn’t humorous, ha!!

Challenge entry removed
“You’ve been raspberried…” was removed from the challenge “Funniest Photo of the Week” by a moderator

REASON: The group guidelines are that we limit animal shots to only those that are very creative/unusual I’ve been rejecting MOST of the animal entries. It wasn’t just yours.

Poor Bubba, if they only knew how hard it is to photograph a ferret. This is priceless, I’d probably never get this shot again in a million years:

You’ve been raspberried

I just had to share this. I think Bubba is adorable and the photo is hilarious and I personally know people who thought he was a hoot. But then I am in love with ferrets, they are humorous little babes and have provided me with countless hours of laughter. I remember coming home from work after having a bad day, and they could make me laugh when nobody else could.

Thanks for taking the time to read. No hard feelings to any of the hosts, just a little hard to believe :D


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