Hmmm... this day was the day of... supposed happiness <ily>

i thought today would be better…
i hung out with my friend Daval like ALL DAY long… (lol) that boy is sooo COOL, and cute! but of course i dont think he likes me like that, and with him i am soooo shy! (lol)
during lunch me and Chris got up on the stage and started singing “travelin’ soldier” – dixie chicks… it was so cute, and everybody clapped! (lol)
my friend Kesha went to dJJ yesterday, and i’m not sure when she’ll get out. her mom said that the cops wouldn’t even let her see kesha… i was like WTF! but who knows…
Sandi got her wisdom teeth removed… hehe so she looks like a blow fish now… (lol)
(sandi if you’re reading this, i love you)
well now i g2g do some Algebra 2 homework…
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