Another Day in HELL!

Well this morning, my BFFE Courtney came up to me and said “yah, DJ is in the student parking lot fucking Amber…” and then sure enough I walked around to get my books from my truck cause the bell rang and DJ was on top of Amber in the back of her truck… I was so sick!
Today was the first time in a long time that I didn’t cry. I walked through our school, reminded of him every second, but didn’t CRY!
All my friends were like OMG… because before no matter what was going on, when I would see one of his teachers or walk on the Seniority hall where he used to hold my hand and walk me to class, I would cry! But today, I made it!
I am growing stronger. With the help of my friends, as well as some of his I will make it! I know I will… I will not give in, I will not allow myself to fail, I will not let him ruin my self-confidence… From here on out… QUOTE ME ON THIS…
“DJ is nothing but a memory, no more will I cry over someone who wont cry over me, no longer will I blame myself for the break up, no longer will I hate the fact that everything I do reminds of him… NO MORE, am I longing for his touch… I am through with feeling dazed and confused when I don’t need to be”
WOW!… clap your hands and say you’re proud. You know you want too… lol


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