just another day...

So hmm. today is what EASTER… lol
i’m here w/ my grandfather, step mom, dad, auntie, and of course the obvious all the lil munchkins my mom and dad decided to have… lol
So far its been okay. I dont feel all incomplete today… Funny huh!
I talked to my ex this morning, he called and well hmm lemme tell you what he said… he was like “Tay, baby i’m really sorry for hurting you, i can tell that you still love me, and that you miss me. i really just wanted to call and tell you that i never will forget what we had, i love you with all my heart, and i know that what i did is unforgivable, but i would love for us to try to make the past the present. give what we had one more chance to expand into something greater than we ever could’ve imagined…”
i cried… but because i know that he’s do the same thing again, i said “your lucky we’re even friends, you broke my heart so many times, and im not giving you that op again…”

So hmmm i’m proud of myself, but idk… part of me wishes i would have given him another chance…
GAWD, im so confused….

Happy Easter everybody!

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  • i ♥ u... do u ♥ me too?
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