letter to self... after self, is LONG gone!

Hello. T
you will heal in time. remember it does get better. hopefully sooner rather than later. the pain will fade over time. dont dwell on the past because that is one of those things that cannot be changed no matter how hard you try. its not always going to be watery eyes, heartfelt goodbyes, and millions of nights spent all alone. you will smile, laugh, have fun, and be free of that facade you are securely clinging onto… all of those things y’all have said. but when y’all are the ones hurting me. what is there for me to do? cry and pretend that im okay? if so everything y’all spent the last 17 years filling my head with has been complete bullshit. what am i to do damnit? it’s not so easy to answer now as it was before. huh?


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