A lil bit of CHANGE never hurt nobody!

As soon as got out of work last night- 8 hours of being on my feet- i rushed to the rally. The street was filled with people, and I had to park my car and walk about a mile to where it was being held. As I was parking, after 20 minutes of searching, I heard a beautiful voice singing our country’s anthem. My tired feet got a second wind, my yawning ceased, and all I could think about was that I was witnessing history. I walked as fast as I could with my cell phone attached to my ear. My fingers became numb after a while from switching from my boyfriend who was on one line to my mom who was on the other line. Both were home, feeding me info from the news anchors. I finally met up with my sister and we got as close as we could. It wasnt very close though, because when the speeches finally began, I still couldnt see anything. But it was ok, I was just happy to be there and I was comforted by all the people around me who were in agreement with me- ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE!

I am so into the election this year! Im excited for history, Im excited for new things to come!

The bottom line is that this go round IS a lot about race, whether we want to admit it or not. There are so many negative things we could bring up about the past…but I dont want to even begin to dwell on that.

When I think about an African-American president in the White House, I see so many doors openinig. I see children, who are AA, Latin, Asian, Middle Eastern, even Caucasian, that can finally see that the shade of theyre skin shouldnt have to be the thing that determines how far their minds can take them. It is possible for them to become ANYTHING!!! For real, not just because “Mom said so”.
Its close to my heart because I am Latin and I see it all through my family. And Im not saying that this one thing is gonna get my lazy cousin get off his ass and go get a job…but I just think its a refreshing start we need, something new to give the next generation…and maybe they will do a better job than we did. Becuase right now all were giving them is debt, sucky education and no discipline. Lets step it up AMERICA

This may not be exciting to you who are reading this, but it is to me, and whether we agree or disagree, I wanted to share my heart!!

OBAMA 08!! Dont forget to vote!

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