A start.

Some short poems. I find they work well for me as a medium of expression.

College Humor Told Me…

A true friend is one who will stand by
,camcorder in hand,
as you cover your balls in Axe
and light them on fire.
From the depth of cyberspace, humanity!
A message!… Spam.
Why search for life from other planets
When sometimes its hard to find life here?
The floor courses with its vibrations,
The air is filled with its shriek,
Cat no like vacuum!
He wish it would break.
I don’t drink or smoke.
This doesn’t stop me from
Finding impulses to indulge.
Sure as gravity, I will fall.
Why I don’t want to grow old

A young boy eager opens books
To see what it is they say
An old man only cares to read
What sees the world his way.

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