How to add work to a Group (Beginner)

Step 1: Before you consider adding work into RB groups, you will need to become a member first. To do this select the Join the group button

NB: In some cases, there may be an exception to this rule if a group chooses to run an open challenge open to non-members. Check first

Step 2: Go to the piece of artwork you want to submit into the group you have just joined > click edit and go into your product editor. Then scroll down towards the bottom of the page.

User Notice: Before you go to Step 3

Before you can add work into a group make sure you have the Who can view this work? checkbox set to Anybody (Public) otherwise, you will not see the boxes mentioned in Step 3

Step 3: In your product editor, you should now see Group Submissions (right). If you have also made any collections, they will appear opposite Group Submissions.

Step 4: Check any box/boxes of the group/s you want to submit your artwork into >
Make sure you have checked all the other boxes required before hitting save.

The number of groups you’re a member of will show up in Group submissions.

Things to note:

  1. You can add artwork to as many groups as you wish, providing they show up in your group submissions.
  1. Be aware that you may be limited to the number of submissions you can add per day/week. Check with the host/s if this is not stated clearly in the groups T&C’s.
  1. Check your work meets the group’s criteria.
  1. Be aware of the default view that a group requests. If they ask for image only then make sure you select image only in your default view
  1. You will be able to enter any group challenges the group holds.

Be sure to keep up-to-date with what your group is doing, by regularly checking your Activity Feed

Good luck!

Please note: In no way am I affiliated with RB. Nor am I under any obligation to make these posts. I offer advice on subjects that I feel are of benefit to other RB users, simply because they have benefitted me. That said, do always seek advice from an RB advisor if there’s something you still feel you need to know, that I’m not qualified to answer here.

ADDITIONAL TAG NOTICE TO NEW RB USERS: Please be aware that adding the name of the original author of any journal post into your own artwork tags is not advisable. Even if you’re just grateful for advice or think you’re crediting the original author in some way, it’s considered to be Tag spamming and will be seen by Redbubble as INAPPROPRIATE TAGGING. A simple thank you, or note in the comments section will do :)

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