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Dezign with a Zed or a Zee

With an extensive background in magazine publishing ranging over a period of sixteen years, ifourdezign has attained a varying array of skills in layout and print media. However, away from the complexities of working in four-colour print, ifourdezign’s personal interests tend to lie within the illustrative process. Particularly vector illustration, photo-manipulation, digital painting, especially photo/hyper-realism in portraiture and more recently 3D art.

So, when was the digital art bug first realised?

“In the home environment, surprisingly late. In fact, I didn’t get my first home computer until the grand old age of twenty-five. Which sounds quite ridiculous now when you think kids, these days, practically come out of the womb clutching a tablet and are capable of coding by the age of two!

But, it was at least a whole decade, plus a few years, after I first started working in publishing that I decided to make the transition from traditional mediums like pencil/pen /ink/watercolour and pastels before I went digital at home fulltime. Although it was a process I, personally, found relatively painless seeing that I was already using the same software at work on a regular basis.

However, one thing ifourdezign’s keen to stress is that while working in a fast-paced, commercially driven environment may offer an artist good experience and training, it doesn’t inevitably make you a great painter or digital artist.

On the contrary. In fact, it can even restrict you creatively. Think about it. In the work environment, no matter your role, you’re probably only ever going to utilize about 40% of the package. Which means the rest of what you choose to learn has to be performed in your own time. Something which isn’t always easy to replicate in the home environment.

Afterall, DTP or desktop publishing was in its infancy when I first started in advertising/publishing and packages like Photoshop and Illustrator were often only accessible within a professional studio. Which is exactly why, (if anyone should ever ask), why I’m proud to say, I’m most definitely a self-taught digital artist!

So, what are the pros working digitally?

In a word…accessibility! I just love that I have access to literally everything I need to create right here, in front of me. Thankfully, gone are the days where the living room table was a mass with tins of pencils, pots of paint and overworked sketchpads.

And the cons?

Since year dot I’ve always been a perfectionist. Not to say that’s a bad thing. However, these days, I’m literally off the scale with an even bigger obsession for detail. I guess I just never quite know when to stop!’. — ifourdezign


What’s in a name?

Most think it’s a typo, while spellchecker usually goes into meltdown trying to correct it. But, quite simply it’s purposely phonetic. A play on a word and a statement (eye for design) that ifourdezign wants you to remember.

So why ifourdezign?

’Well, initially, my art name was derived from my love for eyes! Yes, you heard right…eyes! Which, I used to subtly try and include somewhere in my personal works. A feature which would go on to define a series of logos.

Then, a few years later, when my love for all things Apple was realised, I decided to go with another play on words and ‘eye’ became a lowercase i, which helped me in reworking and redefining another logo. It also gave birth to the numerical version a few folks in other art circles still know me by — i4dezign (which I still use on some personal sites).

However, in the present climate, one wanted a name that defines all the above and embraces my years spent working in four-colour print and publishing. Hence the CMYK connection. Which now means you can call me ifourdezign, ifour, i4dezign or even i4.

Whoever said a name has to be boring?’

Check out how I managed to bring back to life the damaged surface of an old Wacom Intuos 3 tablet

Key Focus:
To create high quality, detailed, photo-realistic work utilizing both 2D and 3D software.

Key Interests:
Textiles | Fabric prints | Photo/Hyper-realism | Digital Painting and Portraiture | Photo-Manipulation | Vector Art | 3D Art & posing software | Typography | Tee shirt design | Fan Art


All artwork and photographic material is the copyright of ©ifourdezign. Work is created using either Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator / 3D Software. Photography featured is, where stated, digitally enhanced.

ifourdezign’s digital paintings are created over a number of hours/days maybe even weeks! You will also not find any paint-overs here. Stage progressions on some work is featured on ifourdezign’s portfolio site at Behance

Vector art is created using Adobe Illustrator. Trace filters are not used. Any typographical work featured uses commercially free/licenced fonts.

Product Feedback:
For whatever reason, it still seems to scare folks. Yet, often or not, it’s the only practical way sellers can establish what is being said regarding products on the RB site. So, if you have purchased an item from me either recently or in the past, why not share your pics with me on social media? Or you can leave me a comment on the product. (You will need to select any product that isn’t apparel to leave a comment on artwork).

Constructive comments only, please. Anything deemed offensive, inappropriate or abusive will be reported and removed.

However, if you have a grievance with a product after purchase, please contact
RB support direct

Sharing & crediting ifourdezign’s artwork:
If you make reference to any of ifourdezign’s work featured on this website outside of the Redbubble community, via a shared link, please be kind enough to credit ©ifourdezign as the original creator/owner of the work, making sure all links come back to this account – http://www.redbubble.com/people/ifourdezign – TY

Favouriting ifourdezign’s artwork on the RB website
We all love to be appreciated. We really do! However, if you are a buyer who favourites an abnormal amount of artwork in one session over a day/week/month please be aware you may be reported to Redbubble by the account holder, which can result in a warning/suspension/ or total ban.

Where else can you find ifourdezign?
Portfolio SitesBehance | Deviant Art

Social MediaTwitter | Tumblr

For more info on ifourdezign’s interaction with Pinterest please read

If you’ve got this far down the page, ifourdezign would like to thank you for taking the trouble to stop by. Your time here’s very appreciated.

©2018 ifourdezign. All rights reserved

What is Direct to Garment Printing? (DTG)

Tees printed at Redbubble will be printed using the direct to garment process, often referred to as DTG.

What is Sublimation Printing?

Graphic Tees/dresses, contrast tanks are printed using a process called sublimation

These videos are for reference only. For more information on what range of printers/inks RB use please contact a member of the RB support team direct.

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New Available Products link for RB apparel pages

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Creating and managing collections (Beginner)

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Bringing an old Wacom Intuos3 back to life!

Back in the old days when my tablet was all shiny and new / Even though I consider my Wacom Intuos3 to be in fairly good nick for an old piece of hardware, I now realise that for most of my Wacom life, I’ve been ignorant and naive when it comes to its upkeep. / For instance, I have always assumed, once the ‘original’ surface that shipped with the product became damaged, it was c…
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Don't leave folks guessing! (Beginner)

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait