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Hi , my name is Ien, I like art and I am creative on so many ways. I make paintings for more than 10 years, use my fantasy and paint...

Featured Winter photos and more....

Hi Dutch Showcase Friends,

…Happy Halloween…

Today, 31 October, its Halloween!!
Here in the Netherlands, Halloween is not such a big Party, I know… but if you want , there is enough to do… be creative and make Big Pumpkin Lantarns, start cooking with Pumpkin Soup… and look at the specials on TV, Scarie Movie, DVD!!

This week I was looking for Halloween and Pumpkins.
The scary moments in Halloween Night, mixed with the kind soft Orange Pumpkins.

Here are the New Features:

Congratulations to the artists: Daisy, Thea, Erik, Patjilla, Teresa and Rich

Your Photos and Art are so Original, Scary and Nice!!

My Compliments!

Wish you all a Fantastic Halloween Sunday, and a Great Start of the New Week!

Warm greetings from Ien… Bye

I hope your Christmas was Super and you enjoy this Holiday Season.
This year , we in The Netherlands… are surpised with Snow!!

Ohhh yes it was so beautiful… really amazing white snow… 50 cm .
Go out with my cam and made photo’s… Many photos… LOL

I also have some Featured Photo’s with this beautiful Snow.
I like to thank the Hosts from this Groups who made my photos Featured and also a great Thanks for every nice comment and for favorite my photos.

Now today everything is green again… The snow is gone…
Look at the featured photos from the forest and the lovely pumpkins and my butterflies… Thanks again dear Hosts :-)

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My card for YOU… Warm greetings from Ien… bye…

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