Oosterwolde, Netherlands

Hi , my name is Ien, I like art and I am creative on so many ways. I make paintings for more than 10 years, use my fantasy and paint...

Challenge winners and *Featured art*. Thank You So Much!

I have had a busy week! GREAT things happens and BAD things too ;-))

My PC was crashed and ohhh what a job to fixed it

An APPLAUS!! and THANKS to my sister JOKUS She works TWO days and late in the night to fixed it

My featured photos from the last week are

1.“Photographers Passion” was featured in Happy Haven-Photography…
2.“Fishing Froggie” was featured in Fabulous Froggies!
3.“The Bridge” was featured in TPW (3 PER DAY ONLY)
4.“A Proud Purple Tulip” was featured in European Everyday Life

Thanks dear hosts from this GROUPS to make my art featured. I really like that! So Happy!!

Top Ten in challenges

1. Sunset Pink Purple Dance on nr. 2 in challenge Week Four May Avatar in Group A Fascinating Purple
2. X Trees on Sunset on nr. 5 in challenge The Best of X Challenge in Group Alphabet Soup
3. Fishing Froggie on nr. 6 in challenge THE ORNAMENTAL FROG in Group Fabulous Froggies!
4. Living with the Elements on nr. 5 in challenge Oil on canvas paintings & Drawings of Mother Earth in Group First Things
5. Redbubbles on nr. 6 in challenge Show Your Love to the Bubble in Group Mood & Ambience
6. A Sea of Blue on nr. 2 in challenge Your Most Popular Blue Image in Group Out of the Blue

Thanks dear Hosts for making this GREAT challenges, Thanks to everyone for your vote and Congrats to all the Winners

Wish you all a GREAT Sunday and a fantastic New Week

Warm greetings from Ien

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