Oosterwolde, Netherlands

Hi , my name is Ien, I like art and I am creative on so many ways. I make paintings for more than 10 years, use my fantasy and paint...

WINTER in The Netherlands ... Two Featured Photos!!

I am really happy to see a real strong Winter in The Netherlands… Skating on Natural Ice and a Wonderful Frozen Sunny day… Temperatures are -15C at night and day was -5C.

The group Dutch Touch made my winter photos featured!

First our wonderful walk trough the golden fields in Fochteloerveen a great Nature Area. Together with my son Silvan and the dogs Cathy and Gizmo.

Ice Cold Sunny Walk

And the photo Scating in Fochteloerveen

Thanks to the host Ozcloggie !! Thank you Joop for a wonderful Dutch Winter Featured Page….

Warm Greetings from a cold Holland!! Bye… ien

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