Oosterwolde, Netherlands

Hi , my name is Ien, I like art and I am creative on so many ways. I make paintings for more than 10 years, use my fantasy and paint...

WOOOOW, so Happy to see this photo featured today!!! *Horses at Sunset*

I am really happy to see Horses at Sunset featured in The Group European Everyday Life

I really love this photo, The girls on the horses are so relaxed and wonderful to see them enjoy this evening…..

Special because it was one off the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen in The Netherlands at the beach North Sea. I also show you my other Sunset at Sea photo to give you an idea how beautiful it was….

Thank you hosts of this group for making my work featured. Also thanks for making my Sunset At Sea featured at 18 november, it was the same evening! :-)) Bye…ien

With Horses at Sunset

it was soooo beautiful

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