Papyrus Pliffs

This fine, this grind, this rhyme, this way, and this hopeful na (na: to be able to with stand certain temptatons) is presented brought forth. And inspired a populus. Certain situations, styles, and astouts must sustain or be in continuous factuation.Yeah! The life of ’ Papyrus Pliffs’ a coming to be from simple plants grown wildly like yo finest tree. Laterly given the life or priviledge of a high only few pliffs can cherish or honor.In glistened time it touches life’s hands and demands are past street dreamz and todays way.Mint fine, fine tree some chopped, smoked, and then back to the future to be’s. ‘Papyrus Pliffs’ stamped and processed to become loot, hustle divine, and corporate muscle ya know Money! Mirrored after fine plates that certain factuations would die for, lie for, miss strides for. And leave familys continuing lonely dayz for.Never in ego or directing momentary factuations styles or rankages in life over others the simple others.A forced corrupt life style for a simple entity, energy to endure. Naturally taking & shaking lifestyles, and principles of undisciplined people. Motivating, contemplating, and narrating the prosperus in a populus way, stay, or entity enrage ’ Papyrus Pliffs’ and the simple, simple sustained, unchanged, and remained ………begotten begottenz

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