The Me & Soft Her Departures

Soft, Sweet,almost there afters enter the room as my use to be ‘Everything’ tells me of uncertainties, and lost indecent thoughts of should of beens. I listen wondering of a mind far away from this scene if. I am not with it " togetherness"foreva more ness" Hmmm!…..But if I am with it then babygirl I’m listening to your cryz and " The Me & Soft Her Departures."…….Still loving her foreva morez as she continues, and I understand my lost wickedness, be there laterz, and missed appointmentz of holding on to my lady. Soft sensuous love scenes while water drops outside bouncing over the window sill.And in the day after a chill runs thru my body. I am of avail on the scene, but my babygirl no longer exists in that special way. Could I be a friend to her ( another chill runs thru my body.)And I had a lifetime of plans seeing the little hers. And I understand that one of the special sides of life is that whether good or bad. It is all better to have really fully loved than to have never loved at all. And would I be a fool to not be ready yet, and go back to her understanding all of nature’s way in the female compromises.Her voice was so soft & sweet like a Jamaican summer’s breeze on the beach with my Foreva More always ’ Ms Foreva More.’How did last night not go her way! And my conscious piano playz. Let me get my 1st lines & phrases straight. Um um hhhhh!You know Ms. how could I half way try to let go of my better dayz & wayz. And so many, the many so many kisses with your neon lipstick on frowning at me.Tell me babygirl how soft do I have to talk to you and make up putting an end to this………’ Me & Soft Her Departures’

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