A Mummy's Strength

Adherent synthesis! Sound,thought, and simple strides to be gentle and delicate responding to God are life’s honors. Probilities come and probabilities go. Time catches a glimpse as it itself is created, observed, or caught in a form. Rapped in papyrus cloth to show bodily structure ( of a pharoah.) Beauty in the lockness darkest depths of the universe is created. Millions & trillions of years away from the knowledge of stars or sight that the universe exists. Judgement of strengths and stature approaches the “Lotus Pillars” of existence’s Heaven. Questioned soulificly (non- verbally) about his attributes and future aspirations of shaping infinity, the universe,and a kingdom of Heaven on ethereal sectors of planets modern day called (ours) Earth, Saturn, Venus, uraeus, Pluto, Neptune, etc. Yet still gravity has not yet existed, and he still roams around as if it doesn’t count for anything ( Heavy energy being around no- gravity. “Boom!, Boom!” (sounds as he walks.) If Earth and the other planets existed they would have shaken almost out of orbit . But they don’t and (existing for a while the element A Mummy"s Strength is becoming time) Time must figure how to coincide gravity, the universe, stars, and planets together in harmony in 1 tune or beat that has 1 soulific infinite rhythm. Befriended by Ethereal’s existence or its skin (epidermis, strips of papyrus cloth physical body not yet created.) One becomes knowledgible of the other, and they find that are 1, in accordance of 1, and an exact ethereal echo of 1 another. And with this love, strength, or ethereal eternal knowledge of one self they began to shape intellect, knowledge, and itself, time (universe.) Furthermore with this dedication or “Mysty Egyptian Blue” feeling they began to create evolution of gravity & non- gravity in tune with the stars and planets. And this becomes the essence of “A Mummy’s Strength.”

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