Sarah Trent

Eugene, United States

Each piece to my puzzle has its own special meaning & purpose. Sometimes the purpose is clear, sometimes it has yet to be discovered....

Drifting away…

Simplicity has never been my strong suit. Peace, serenity, clarity, wisdom and hope is what I seek in Christ alone, and He alone can grant these things. I hope that starts to show through some of my newer pieces and the changes I’m making here and in other areas of my life. Don’t fight it, allow it to flow…

I have been a member of RedBubble for a year now. It has been a wonderful, different, amazing journey and I look forward to the new places it will take me as time goes on. Some of you know me, some do not. There are more sides to my personality that even I knew. This journey has reminded me to simply keep looking…or keep swimming :)

The main person I hope shines through these photographs, is Christ. Yes, I am a non-denominational Christian and I am well aware that there are those who give us a rotten name. I don’t wish to force my faith on anyone, but I am proud to hold true to beliefs, standards, morals and values that have shaped my life into what it is today. I’m more than happy to have friendly conversations with anyone who would like to talk about faith, but I did not join this site to argue and I will certainly not participate in such pettiness. I simply ask that you respect my beliefs as I respect yours.

I absolutely feel that God’s creation is a masterpiece and that’s why I want to photograph it. There are so many beautiful details we miss each day: the intricate colors of a butterfly wing, the multiple shades of green in a forest, the glow that seems to emanate from every rose… I’d like to share these with you and hope that they make you smile or bring some element of peace.

There is something very simple and peaceful about a cat sitting in a window sill, or a single reed swaying in the wind. I pray this renewal of inspiration brings more peace and comfort to me and everyone I come in contact with. You’ve got to take the bad with the good but let there peace through it all!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for giving me a chance to tell you who I am without feeling like I have to hide the deeper parts of my soul.

Hope never dies…
Creator of ‘Ripple in Time Photography’, “Capturing the moments of today for the memories of tomorrow.”

All work presented here is my own and is copyrighted through Ripple in Time Photography. Please be respectful of that copyright, though feel free to favorite and leave comments.

My husband’s work is also here on RedBubble. We have very similar styles and if you like mine, you may also like his – he has a steadier hand and a slightly different perspective. Check out Shawn Trent’s portfolio as well!

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Simplify First

All things swirling, whirling; never stopping, never dropping the chains they have on me… I struggle to be free and yet find myself more tangled each step of the way. I call upon my friends, my family and while they have sympathy none of them can truly lend a hand in the busyness of life. I twist and turn and run away, only to find I am still caught up in the whirlwind that has me paralyz…
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3 A Day

Hello, friends! / I have begun a new plan and hopefully, it will work :) I find myself doing many things each day that are not necessarily productive. Yet, none of those things usually bring me as much joy as sharing my photography with others! So I’m going to try and turn RedBubble into a practical game – I will play RedBubble each day! And it’s not enough for me to simply fav…
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Choose Your Own Calendar!

Hello, dear friends! / I have recently created 2 new calendars but I must admit, I’m not happy when I get to the 12th month because I have so many more fantastic shots I wish to add! I find myself trying to make more calendars with different themes or different arrangements of pictures and I just go overboard (like no one else has ever done THAT before!!). / So please, if you enjoy my work …
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"Does this come as a..."

Hello, friends! / I hope this finds you well. I wanted to add a little note explaining that if you find one of my pieces and would like it in another form that is not originally listed, please drop me a BubbleMail and I can change it. Usually, I allow most pieces to be available in all forms (except posters because my camera does not take pictures big enough to not be distorted in posters), but …
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