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Eugene, United States

Each piece to my puzzle has its own special meaning & purpose. Sometimes the purpose is clear, sometimes it has yet to be discovered....

Choose Your Own Calendar!

Hello, dear friends!

I have recently created 2 new calendars but I must admit, I’m not happy when I get to the 12th month because I have so many more fantastic shots I wish to add! I find myself trying to make more calendars with different themes or different arrangements of pictures and I just go overboard (like no one else has ever done THAT before!!).

So please, if you enjoy my work and would like an original calendar of artwork for your home or office, drop me a line and a selection of 12 or 13 (it asks for a cover image that can be the same or different) pieces of my art and I will gladly put it together for you! I can upload them in a certain order if you want or I can choose the order.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this and support this obsession…er, passion :) Have a wonderful day!

Ripple in Time Photography (2011)

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