I haven’t had the ability to post visual art in a while so I hope my writing shall suffice. raised on long island, now living in Brooklyn. I’m almost completely self taught with whatever I make . happily open to any input or criticism, please enjoy.

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so it goes...

to anyone that could possibly give a shit about the broken thoughts of a broken person, i think i’m going to die soon, by some hand whether my own or one unknown to me. there is no point in living. no joy to be found no happiness salvaged, just a whole lot of people that you wish were human.i have no desire to do the usual teen plight of being misunderstood but its hard to find peers when e…
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if every drug were legal

i have a belief that if ever drug but pharmecuticals was legal (including pcp as a pharmacutical) we’d save our economy, and millions of lives. if my idea disturbs you here is my backing:1. if we made every drug legal for recreational use federally we would no longer have deaths from the drug trade related to us. aprox. 15,000 cartel members in mexico die each year to supply us with just we…
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i miss missing you...

my ex girl friend and good friend was murdered yesterday by her ex girlfriend, who i knew and liked. apparently she was shot, i hope she died instantly and i hope her ex dies slow…she was 18. i cant even go to the funeral because she lived in a different state. i miss missing you sarah and i always will. i love you kiddo….
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note to one's self

i doubt any of you will find this interesting honestly its more for my own memory but i have no reason to hide it.i got out of the mental hospital recently, but the after effect is not what i wish to talk about i feel i should record some of what happened that time in captivity. i was getting my blood drawn and after being stabbed 4 times by two different workers, i move the needle and hit my vei…
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too lazy to lay down and too tired to sleep

“just play it day by day” joe used to say / but then he ODed and got tossed away / in a pauper’s grave, no stone to displ…

wish it was wanderlust

everything is here just right / it’s neatly folded and packed up tight / i’ll sit here by the door’s dim light / and be r…

drunk on memories

past ways make these dark days / its just a phase until he pays / was just a scratch, just a graze / going out in one big blaze

the sun’s repose

smiling beautiful and clear as day, the sun shooed the clouds away. but the clouds had envy of the glistening gold, so the clouds secured t…

onward to the indefinite

the tiresome way / of repeating every day / just like the last / like I’m stuck in the past / dwelling here in this den / like a boar…

chain reaction

that damned angry wasp in you / can’t help but sting again / rotting apart everything we do / going crazy in your lone den

a break from the boroughs

friends start yelling / a few too many / i look for calmer dwelling / to find there isn’t any

feral cats and wise toads

they growl with teeth showing / for the shutter to steal their souls / their plastic masks all showing / trying to cover life’s tolls

screaming light

thunder starts / save yourselves / with quivering hearts / and shaking shelves / scared of shadows and screaming light / causing all your o…

perceive your perfection

choke chain and fine suit / striding with plastic pride / taking a totally wrong route / hiding that you lied

the court’s sacrifice

did no crime and they know it true / but the jury needs a sacrifice / cheering the snake oil brew / so i must pay the price
the steed's stagnation by joshua jacobson
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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait