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Another sale: for me it's a sail

Yes, one of my dear RB friends and a passionate photograph artist, who asked me to keep the anonimity intact, has confessed to the act of commited appreciation for my art by purchasing three cards:

For me this sale, just like every sale, is really a sail that carries away my art to distant shores to those loving my art for reasons I may never know, but only their hearts know. A simple thank you to this wonderful person I feel is enough, because it comes right from the heart with deep appreciation and humble attitude.

And perhaps, needless to say, the many thankyou’s I say every day in my heart to all those honoring me with a visit and many even adding a beautiful comment.

Thank you again my dear RB friends, your appreciation and attention goes much further than you may think it goes. And it is never forgoten or taken lightly: the gift of time to others is the most precious thing one can give.

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