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Someone very special...

Yes, someone very special who loves anonymity, has bought two (not one) framed prints of Muladhara & Swadhisthana Chakra Dance below:

It is always difficult to give enough thanks to such wonderful people that love someone’s art to the point of financial commitment, to the point of “I must have this on my wall, desk, etc”. However, I will say this from the bottom of my heart: Thank you my dear friend and lover of art!. Your committed appreciation of my composition goes into my heart much further than you will ever know.

And a big Thank You always goes to the over 2,300 people who have visited the Muladhara & Swadhisthana Chakra Dance page over the course of fifteen months since publication.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this note of thank you. Wish you all an inspired and wonderful week ahead.

08 November, 2009.

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