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One full RB year gone by... a thankyou note

…and what a year this has been! On the 29th of November 2007, I have discovered by accident RedBubble and joined it on the spot. Just to post some of my photos… or, so I thought.
It never went through my mind the art was already in my heart and was just waiting for the right moment and venue to surface. Perhaps, nothing unusual here, since I’m quite sure I’m not the only one who’s mind does not always listen to the heart.

Well, 366 days past and 225 published photos and other compositions later, here I am writing and bragging to you that I made it: I’ve crossed the line into the second RB year.

There is though one crucial element that kept me here and allowed me to keep “doing art”: the wonderful community of artists as people and people as friends who never ceased to leave kind and encouraging comments on my artworks.

To all those who have supported my art and implicitly encouraged me to continue, please accept my forever grateful THANK YOU. It is truly your support that made me who I am today from an artistic standpoint. I am always honored by your visits, your comments and by you keeping me on your list of people to watch.

Here are some stats from the past year:
- total visits: over 45,000
- artworks sold: 36
- artworks on RB Homepage: 3
- artworks on RB “Featured Wall Art” pages: 2
- artworks featured on various groups: 12

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart to all who supported and helped me on my road to artistic expression.

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