Vasile Stan

Brampton, Canada

Formally schooled and trained in electronics with years of practice in related fields and project management, I have found in the last...

Two RB friends put their money where their excellent artistic taste is

Two consistently supportive RB friends have commited to purchase some art by this unknown artist living in Ontario, Canada:

James, aka reflector, a talented and successful artist in Australia has purchased the card Autumnal Mood below:

Butch, aka buchart, another talented and successful artist from the country of Reunion (not on google earth map!!) has purchased a card of Fly me to the moon shown below:

Thank you so very much my RB friends for your continuous support of my art, I am so honored by your commited support. And many thanks as well to all artists and RB friends for their time to visit and comment so positively. You all make my day with every visit and comment.

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