Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not one to complain much but for the love of cats, what in the heck is going on around here? I feel like every time I log in something else has changed.
I don’t have a whole lot of time as it is but then to have to spend the time I do have trying to navigate this place, well, its for the birds.

I am sure all of the changes are wonderful and for the good of the community, I have no doubts there but for me, I am feeling a bit frustrated with this place.

I just don’t get why these places do what they do…they start off having such a great site and then they decide to . WTF is that about? We obviously came here initially because we liked it how it was. Call it progress if you will but I think I will just call it a real big pain in my ass.

Thank you, that’s all.
You all know I love you I hope.

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