distopeian scrapbook: the uncommon cold

There was voices but they was unclear she had to concentrate on them “is it on?” why cant I see? thought…. thought.. oh whats my name? she thought and WHY CAN’T I SEE? This was troubling “well is it on or not” there was the voices again. “I think so” who are they and WHY CAN I NOT SEE? “well if its on why don’t it do some thing?” what are they talking about and WHY CAN I NOT SEE ANYTHING? “I don’t know do I” the voices are so close WHY CAN’T I SEE THEM? “why don’t it open its eyes?” thats why I cant see I need to open my eyes. hang on there talking about me. “try tuning it on and off” she sits up then starts to run. Then she falls over. OPEN YOUR EYES! she thought to her self. Three laughing men come in to focus. She jumps up and runs. The men run after her. She burst out of a door and in to the street. Her bear feet pound the pavement. She looks over her shoulder the men are way behind her. She tuns in to an alley and stops behind a bin to try and work out what to do. “bloody hell” a man laying in a doorway is staring wide eyed at her. “why are you staring at me?” the man answered slowly “because your naked” she look down “oh… so I am” a dustcart drives past the end of the alley. The dustcart was followed by five gynoids gathering bin bags and chucking them in the back. Behind the gynoids three police officers caring taser rifles walk slowly making shore no one started any trouble. “here take my coat” he held out his coat from under a dirty brown blanket. She takes the coat and slips it on. “So do you have a name?” “i don’t remember. i don’t think i do ” the man pulls himself upright. “well how about a AR number”. “a what” “a AR number, Android registration number” “oh, I’m a Android” “What you didn’t know?” “ it’s not that I didn’t know, it’s just I hadn’t thought about it until now” one of the gynoids gathering bin bags walks down the alley and takes hold of the bin. The eye of the two gynoids flash red as they auotermatic check each others harddrives for up dates. “where am I ” says the refuse gynoid as if just waking up from a long sleep. “I think you two should come with me” both gynoid reply simultaneously “why” he crams his blanket in to a back pack and slips it on. “ because you was just running down the road naked and I just sow you become self aware in a blink of an eye” he look to the end of the alley “ I ’m pretty shore when the cop see two gynoids thinking for there selfs your likely to get dismantled now come on. The three meander through the alleyways of the city past junkies slumped in doorways dribbling or climbing up drainpipes so they can drain UV42 out of solar panels.

A slit in the door opens and a pare of eyes examine the three standing on the other side of the door, the slit closes and the door opens. Hay Gary I see you got some spare parts for me “oh no doc this is much better then spare parts” the three walk in and doc shuts the door and bolts it. “so what have you got for me” doc says as he starts undoing a button on the coat that covers the gynoid’s nudity. Her hand slaps him across his face “ well that don’t usely happen” “yes it does but its usely a real girl” “ok so whats the deal with these two” “there self aware” doc gives Gary a questioning look. “ this one was running around wearing nothing but a confused look. Then seemed to infect this one” doc walks over to a pile of robotic body parts. A artificial kidney falls to the floor as he lifts up a gynoid head. he sticks his hand up its neck and pushes a cerkit in to place. “ unit 2% operational awaiting orders” says the head in a flat monotone. Doc holds the head up to the two gynoids. All three sets of eyes flash “what’s going on, why cant I fill my legs?" Says the head In a panicked voice. “well that is interesting” doc tacks the head over to a work bench with a laptop on it and plugs a cable it to it ear. Gary joins doc and the two gynoids sit down on some sofas around a coffee table with a hand full of old magazines on it. “I think we need names” says the refuse gynoid “I agree…what do you think of alley” “i like it well what about me” alley pondered this “how about dusty”

doc and Gary look through the head’s software “ well it’s not a program. Its got in to everything, the only way to get rid of it would be a complete reset” “oi” shouted the head “your not reseting me” “do we really want rid of it?”

back round the coffee table the gynoids was deep in a philosophical conversation. They had already agreed that there probably is a god or gods and he, she, it, or they is probably an inferior species to humans they came to this conclusion because they know androids were created by humans and they believe androids are superior to humans so it was logical that humans was created by an inferior lifeform. Now they was discussing the meaning of life but is seemed they had insufficient information to come to a conclusion. Doc and garey walk over “we was just wondering if you think androids need jobs” the two gynoids look at each other “well no we don’t need food or shelter so we don’t need to earn money” “but they don’t earn money any way” “well thats not right” “do you want to help fix that”

the plan was simple all they needed to do was get close to as many androids they can and infect them. The more they infect the faster the virus will spread

a dustcart moves down a road one of the refuse gynoids picks up a bin bag and flings it in to the back of the dustcart. As the bag moves through the air and lands in the dustcart the gynoid’s eyes flash starting a chain reaction of flashing eyes as the others get close eruth to the first gynoid for the virus to spread. The gynoids stop in there tracks one of them tuns and sees the cops behind them holding there taser rifles. She screams and starts running the others follow her lead and run off the cops chase after them. Dusty gets out a car park up the road and climes in to the back of the dustcart she opens a binbag and takes out the head “ Nice job medusa” she gets out the dustcart and gets back in the car “where now” asked medusa “we’re going to wait outside a computer factory for a delivery of gynoids to drive right past us”

distopeian scrapbook: the uncommon cold


Waltham Cross, United Kingdom

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story 6 in my distopeian scrapbook

“my blog”http://ianbyfordart.blogspot.com/

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