distopeian scrapbook: Nickabocka glory

Mike opened his eyes. He was on the floor again, his blanket was damp with sweat. He feels like he was going to be sick. he Retches but their was nothing in his stomach to bring up.

Tommy lays in his bed listening to his brother retching hoping he will stop but he didn’t. Tommy swings his legs out of bed. He steps across his room and opens his top draw. He takes out a small bottle and holds it up to examine the contents. He had been giving Mike half doses to try and make it last. The hospital was not some where he wanted to go right now but this was the last half dose. He put the bottle down and takes out a new syringe.

Mike sits bent double on his bed room floor. Tommy walks in and kneels down by Mike and takes hold of his left arm “you ok Mike?” Mike nods slowly and Tommy pushes the needle in to Mike’s arm. As Tommy pushes the plunger. Mike feels the knot in his stomach untie. Tommy pulls out the needle “I’ll get you some food” he leaves the room and Mike gets back on his bed and lays down. He stares at the ceiling before closing his eyes and fulling asleep. Mike was addicted to UV42. UV42 is a photo sensitive chemical used in solar panels making them thirty times as effective as previous solar panels. The only problem is it has all the hallmarks of a recreational drug. It’s a hallucinogen and it’s addictive but uniquely it’s was both a upper and a downer, leave it in the sun before taking it would produce a high energy hallucination. one addict once run from Holyhead three quarters of the way to Dublin probably believing he was the Dublin to London express, before being hit by the real Dublin to London express. If you leave the UV42 in a dark draw before taking it you will happily lay in the medal of a motorway thinking your on a sunny beach, and like all recreational drugs it kills you. Mike didn’t think he was on a beach he was painfully in touch with reality. He had been on the program for fore weeks. Fore weeks since he had his infected arm cut off and replaced with a robotic Prosthetic. Tommy comes in to Mike’s room “hay Mike foods ready” Mike opens his eyes and sits up “thanks” Mike takes the tray from his brother and starts to slurp the pigeon soup. “I have to go to the hospital. you want to come” Mike looks up from his soup “yeah, I want to try out Alibi.” “ok, finish your soup up then and get ready” Tommy leaves the room and Mike takes his laptop from the bed side table, opens it and press the power button. He finishes his soup as the computer boots up.

The two brother walk out of the high rise building and head over to tommy’s ice cream van. Tommy ice cream van was clearly tree welled together most people try to cover up the fact they drive a cut and shut but Tommy had painted each section a different color making his van look like it was carved out ice cream. Tommy got in to the driving seat and Mike got in the back. Mike gets his laptop out of his bag and puts it down on the freezer and opens it a message on the screen said Alibi is recording.

9 weeks earlier Mike had started a new job at Effecter PLC in the IT deportment. Effecter is a life security company. A company which sell you a insurance policy then dos all it can to make sure you don’t need to claim, mobile CCTV cameras, bounty hunters,an army of lawyer and privet detectives. As well as the high cots of the insurance policy life security companys make money by sharing information with the police, tracking down known criminals and claiming the rewards. Mike was meant to be updating the home security up link. The up link collected the dater from home security systems so if an alarm went off Effecter can call the police and if a policy holder claims for a brake in Effecter can check if the alarm was turned off at the time, if so the pay out would be canceled. Mike couldn’t help himself. He hacked in to the restricted files and that is when he found it a files full of edited videos. Effecter had bean editing the videos they shared with the police. two days later a square envelop come through Mike’s door in it was a dvd. he Puts on the dvd, it was footage from the CCTV outside the Effecter building. Protesters much up and down slowly the protesters drift away as the sunlight fades this was the day after Mike’s interview the same day human rights protesters set off a bomb. Mike apeerd on the screen he walked along the pavement put some thing in the bin and walks into the building. Mike had a bad feeling he knew what was going to happen. five minutes later the bin exploded. Mike was being set up Effecter had edited him in to the videos, but had the police been given the videos or was this just a warning to keep him quiet?.

Mike sits in the back of his bothers ice cream van as it makes it way to the hospital. Mike’s eyes are fixed on the screen. he never was arrested but he became increasingly paranoid and to escape reality Mike turned to UV42 which in the long run didn’t help the paranoia. it was that paranoia that prompted him to start work on Alibi. Alibi was a program which eavesdrops on CCTV cameras as you pass them and recodes from the feed. But he didn’t get very far with it till his arm got infected and Tommy took him to hospital. Now Alibi was complete no longer will the eye in the sky be the tool of the rich and powerful. All Mike had to do now was to get Alibi to the people, but how? The ice cream van move slowly through the streets past burned out cars. at least the rioters had moved on. They turn a corner a wall of police block the road to the hospital. They stop the van in front of the heavily armed police. A police officer and a doctor walk up to the van. “emergences only” Tommy looks back at his brother. Mike was shaking uncontrollably “my brother needs his prescription” the doctor looks in to the back of the van “let see it, and Id for both of you” Tommy hands over the prescription and id “ok go through” the doctor hands them back .

Tommy helps Mike through the door and up to the desk nurse.Tommy gives her the prescription and id. she taps away at the computer “Ok we need to give you a blood test an a check up. You can weight in cubical five”Tommy takes Mike to the cubical. Mike looks round doctors walk up and down looking at there ClickBoards, Hand hold computers link to the GHS network. “can you pull the curtains” Tommy nods and pulls the curtains. Mike gets his laptop out and starts click with his right hand the only part of him not shaking. He found it hard to believe just how easy it was to get in to the GHS network. it took some time to find what he wanted the e-mail databases for the numerous newsletters. He opens a new message typed a short message and attached Alibi. Mike sent the e-mail to as many mailing lists as he can. picking out the ones most likely to contain people from the under class.

In a bedsit a man with scars from back street doctors over his body opens an email from the GHS narcotics support group the message reads. everyone is watching you now you can do the same.

distopeian scrapbook: Nickabocka glory


Waltham Cross, United Kingdom

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story 5 from my distopeian scrapbook


by blog

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  • Nadya Johnson
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