YAY... i'm on a roll... sort of

I know it sounds stupid, but i get really excited over a sale and i’ve just sold 3 t-shirts… 2 “raining rainbows” and 1 “yay vintage style”.

when i first joined RB, i thought i’d never sell anything as the talent on here is so high. I’d put work up just for people to look at and make helpful comments… you lovely bubblers did make very nice comments and have shown great support!

I’d like to thank everyone at RB for making my experience so wonderfully enjoyable and if you are one of those who have purchased one of my designs (I’d kiss you if i could), i’d love to see a photo of it!

If i ever do get rich and famous, i can say you’ve made a great investment.
(sorry, i did say i was overexcited!!)

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