The End to 2007!

So, I posted my last shot of the year today. An Amur Leopard, and if I don’t say so my self, she is stunning as always. I mentioned on the photo that she allowed me and me only to photo her, which was and always be a wonderful memorable moment.
I have visited the Philidelphia Zoo over 20 times in 2007, and every single time was worth the travel. I truly believe when you belive in good things and are a happy person like myself and get so excited over the most small things, good things just come naturally to you.

I have to thank all the animals sanctarys, the animals hospitals, the refuges centers, and mostly the Zoo’s here in New Jersey, Washington and my favourite, the Philidelphia Zoo. I have learned and loved and saw things that made my heart melt, every experience to be able to go to their house and take a glimpse and make a memory is Christmas day every visit for me.

I also thank all the wonderful comments and sales and just down right wonderful talent on Redbubble. You all rock! and I am honoured to be able to call the bubble my home with you.

To all my animals and all my friends, Happy New Year to you! and I look forward to 2008!

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